Fans of trashy TV are going to love this new series from TLC. The show premiered this week and is called Addicted to Marriage. There is only one episode out so far and it features 4 women who collectively have been married 20 times, plus one of those women is from here in Idaho and another is from down in Utah.

Addicted To Marriage On TLC

Addicted to Marriage has me hooked and I've only watched the trailer and part of the first episode. There's one line in it that perfectly sums up the love expectations of these four ladies: 'Maybe it's not a guy problem. Maybe it's you.'

In the trailer above you can tell that there are some deeper issues than just an addiction to marriage. I'm married and I love being married, but that doesn't mean I'm addicted to it. One of the daughters points out that her mom has left husbands for their imperfections rather than love them or help them change.

Watch The First Episode Of TLC's Addicted To Marriage Free

You can watch the first episode of Addicted to Marriage for free on the TLC website. The lady from Idaho is working towards her 5th marriage and the gal from down in Utah is on number 12!

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My wife is a big fan of shows on TLC. She loves my 600-lb Life, Long Island Medium, 90 Day Fiance, Dr. Pimple Popper, and the 1,000-lb Sisters. She says she watches them because they are a low-commitment watch, meaning she can have them on in the background or just watch them for a few minutes when she has time.

I still find it amusing to remember years ago when TLC stood for The Learning Channel. Apparently, it now stands for Trashy Love Channel or Tender Loving Care.

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