Normally we don't set off fireworks in the mountains for safety reasons. In Colorado, they do things a little differently. They light up the biggest fireworks available in their mountains. During the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival in Colorado, the behemoth firework was launched. The firework weighed more than a ton and beat the previous record for largest aerial firework set in 2018 in the United Arab Emirates.

The shell was 62 inches, weighed in at 2,797 pounds, and launched 2,200 feet into the air before exploding. And what an explosion it was. The fireball of light looked like a war scene from a Michael Bay movie and you can see in the video that many of the large, still lit, embers hit the ground pretty hard. Can you imagine how all the wildlife in the area reacted to that? It looked like daytime for a few seconds.

We have some pretty cool fireworks shows each year in the Magic Valley with the CSI 4th of July display and the annual Christmas in the Nighttime Sky event. I've even traveled to Kansas and set off mortars (those are pretty awesome) and sat through a pretty impressive 7 minute firecracker whip down in Utah, but the explosion in the Steamboat Springs video is beyond words.

One giant explosion is cool and a great way to set a world record. My favorite firework display video still has to be the plane shooting lasers and fireworks from last year in Avalon, Australia. That is the kind of fireworks show we need to see here in Idaho.

Bonus video here, when I blew up an Idaho potato with fireworks.

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