Santa needs the help of adults from around the world to respond to Christmas letters. The US Postal Service has started their USPS Operation Santa program in order to get as many Santa letters answered as possible. With the program you can go online and look through letters that children have sent to the big man. If you find a letter you like, you can adopt it and then take the next steps to make a child's holiday wish come true.

Growing up in my house we never sent letters to Santa, which looking back at it seems crazy. We loved celebrating Christmas in my house. There are nine kids in my family so there was always a lot of excitement and activity - especially around the holidays. We just never sent letters to Santa Claus. My kids have already made their lists and are ready to send them off. The USPS Operation Santa is adding in a new surprise to Christmas wishes because you have to option to fulfill a Christmas wish. If you choose to adopt a letter on the USPS website, the next step is to go shopping. Each child will most likely ask for a gift (or many) and you could buy it for them, wrap it up, and then ship it, from Santa, to their house through the USPS.

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You can browse through the letters and find one that fits you. Maybe you want to help but can't afford a big gift. You can find a child's letter that fits into your budget and you know you'll make their Christmas better. To browse letter you must first create a USPS account.

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