Less than two months ago we were talking about the Idaho Star Cards and that you needed to hurry and get yours because the deadline was coming up fast. Well, I'd be willing to bet you haven't thought about a star card or the deadline in a few weeks. Probably pretty occupied with COVID-19 related thoughts. The government is pretty focused on that too, so good news for everyone - the deadline for the Star Card, or Real ID as it is also called, has been pushed back a full year. The new deadline is October 1st, 2021 with more details on the Washington Post website. Not that it will affect most flying plans because the majority of us aren't going anywhere soon.

The purpose of the Real ID cards goes along with the Real ID federal law to cover which forms of documentation will be accepted at airports, federal buildings, and military bases. This has been a somewhat confusing item for some people since they hear us say 'the deadline' or 'you need to have one' and think that applies to everything in life. it doesn't. Your regular driver's license is still valid as a form of ID and gives you the same driving privileges as always. You won't go to jail if the deadline passes and you aren't compliant. You just won't be able to fly anywhere or enter any federal government buildings.

So go ahead and breathe easy knowing you can procrastinate even longer than you had originally planned to get your Idaho Star Card. Use that extra time to stay home and wash your hands.

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