News flash - not everything that you see or read online is fact. I know right!? When I read that Abraham Lincoln invented the internet to contact extra terrestrials for help with the fight against plastic straws I was a little wary. Here's a story that is a little more believable - yet still false.

That post has popped up on my Facebook feed and has been shared more than 1 million times! Despite all the fear that the post, and idea that your car will blow up if you fill the tank all the way, has caused - the fact remains that you can fill your car up without fear. Cars are built with precautionary EVAP systems or even vented gas caps to avoid gas vapor buildup. And for gas to ignite spontaneously it needs to be at almost 500 degrees...which we aren't scheduled to hit in Twin Falls (or on Earth) anytime soon.

The above post claims to be from the Pakistan State Oil, but even they debunked the idea as false. So go ahead and fill up your vehicle - it is definitely better than running out of gas.

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