Karl Wlaschek is the 5th oldest billionaire in the world at 94 years old, and he wants more kids! I am 32 and have 4 kids and I call that good. I will hopefully be around when they graduate and get married and start having their own kids. Karl on the other hand, when his kids turn 16 he will be (let's do the math...add 16 and carry the 94 and...) well, he'll be dead! He won't be around to be a father to his kids, and he doesn't just want a few more (he already has 4 from his previous 4 marriages) he says he would like another 5 or 6! Some people think he was joking...but I'm not convinced! He is marrying his now girlfriend (soon to be wife #5) soon so they can get a quick start on the baby making. I know he has a ton of money, and the kids will more than likely be covered for life...but doesn't that seem a little reckless?! Do you think he should have more kids knowing that he won't be around that much longer?