School starts up again in less than a week here in Twin Falls, so hopefully you enjoyed your summer break because it is over now. Luckily the memories we made in our summertime adventures will live on in stories shared with friends, social media posts, and right here on our website. Especially all the terrible parking we got in pictures over the last few months. I will give credit where credit is due and this batch of pictures is definitely not the worst we have seen. I think that honor goes to this car from last year.

I Get This One - He Wanted Some Shade
I Get This One Though - He Wanted Some Shade

But we weren't perfect. We were sent a nice batch of pictures from listeners who captured terrible parking culprits in the act. Once again trucks are big time offenders but we also have a good selection of small cars that really don't have an excuse for  the lack of line respect. Do you recognize any of the cars in these pictures?

Terrible Parking 081319

Remember: if you get a good picture of a bad parking job you can send it to us anytime through our app and we'll feature it in one of our famous galleries. Right now is a great time to put out a new gallery, not only as a reminder to parents as they drop kids at school or run around town for school events to watch the lines but also as a reminder to all the new drivers taking their training courses - we are watching you. So, no pressure and drive safe out there.

Bonus galleries of terrible parking in Twin Falls below!


Bad Parking In Twin Falls

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