There will always be people who either refuse to park inside the designated lines or are just terrible at it. Some of the really bad ones we have featured in previous galleries are actually impressive - the kind of impressive where you think to yourself 'Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse'. A few park so close to other cars that it seems magical and others somehow take up an astounding number of spaces to keep others away. Those are the one we want to feature today.

I went through all the previous galleries and new submissions (yes you can send us your pictures through our app) to find the ones who thought social distancing was cool before everyone started doing it. If you're in this gallery, a tip of the hat to you on being ahead of the times. Hopefully you socially distance yourself as well during the COVID-19 pandemic as you do when you park.

Social Distancing Parking

I don't even own a nice or fancy car and I admit that I will park far away from other people. That being said since my cars aren't nice I don't feel the need to take up multiple spaces to keep someone from dinging my doors. That has to be the case for some of these, but let's be honest: many of the cars in the gallery aren't cars that need the special care. Quite a few are trucks which always seem to carelessly take extra space because they are big vehicles.

Let's work on our parking skills and social distancing during this pandemic, and remember to wash your hands.

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