It has been almost 2 years since we put together a gallery of terrible parking in Twin Falls. We had a few complaints from people who were featured in the pictures, so we told them that we wouldn’t post their pictures anymore if they parked inside the lines. Well, 2 years later staying in the lines is still an issue for some drivers.

What Makes Parking Inside The Lines So Hard

That’s a valid question. I’d be willing to bet that we all, at some point, have parked on or over the line. The real issue is when we know we did it and don’t try to fix it. Bad parking can cause a domino effect of bad parking or a headache in a crowded lot where someone takes up more than one space. This gallery is for you guys, the ones who make parking lot life hard for the rest of us.

The Return of Terrible Parking in Twin Falls

Honestly, some of these we can't wrap our heads around how they happened!

If your vehicle was in the gallery above, we aren’t mad at you. What we are is disappointed. We know you can do better and expect you to do better in the future. So, we’ll make the same deal as before: if you park inside the lines then we won’t feature you in any upcoming galleries of bad parking jobs. Deal?

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We do understand that parking can be difficult at times, especially if you are attempting to find a spot at Centennial Park in the summertime. All we can ask is that you do your best and if you see that you are on or over the line, get back in your car and give it a better attempt. The whole community thanks you in advance for your attention to this new challenge.

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