When you want to have a picnic, you need almost perfect conditions or the activity will be ruined. If the weather is too hot, you won't want to eat. Too windy and your food will blow away. Rain, clouds, and other factors can affect your attitude and make you wish you had stayed home to eat.

Some days you just need to get outside and a picnic is the only option. You can brave the summer heat and still have a great time if you pick the right location. Since we are on the tail-end of summer and we hopefully won't reach temperatures in the 90's anymore, finding a great picnic place is a little easier in Twin Falls. But, just in case the conditions aren't perfect these parks can give you the best opportunity to have the perfect picnic.

Best Parks For Picnics In Twin Falls

These parks can give you the best opportunity to have the perfect picnic in Twin Falls.

When choosing a park for a picnic, and you aren't sure what the weather is going to do, you need to make sure the park has certain amenities. Mary Alice Park is amazing but not the best for a picnic and you should definitely visit the Downtown Commons for the fountain, but again it isn't ideal for a picnic.

What Makes A Park Perfect For A Picnic?

Shade needs to be available in case the sun is a scorcher. Make sure the park has lots of trees or a pavilion.

Space is essential. You don't want to set up your picnic and be mere feet away from everyone else at the park. You need to be able to have some privacy and room. Make sure some of that space is an open grassy field too.

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Make sure the park has a bathroom. Nothing ruins a picnic like a child who needs to go potty only a few minutes after you arrive at your destination. Also, a bathroom should ideally have a sink where you can wash off your hands before you eat or after you play.

A playground will also greatly increase the enjoyment of your picnic, especially if you have kids. It happens almost every time my family goes to eat - the kids are done way before the parents, or they are coming and going, grabbing food as they play.

Almost as important as the location is what you choose to eat. If it is a hot day, nobody is going to want to eat heavy, dry sandwiches. They'll want to drink their calories. If it is a bit windy your chips are going to fly away.

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