I've lived in a lot of big cities - Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and Las Vegas and I can tell you that Twin Falls is an awesome place to live.

Is everything here rainbows and rose petals? No. But compared to most other cities we have it really good in The Magic Valley. Sometimes all it take to brighten your day is to look on the bright side of things and try to be a little more positive. That being said, here are just 5 things that people in Twin Falls need to stop doing and we'll all be a lot happier.

  • Stop Talking About The Train Crossings

    It is easy to complain about getting stuck at the train crossings in Twin Falls. Especially while you are stuck. When I had my first kidney stone and thought I was dying, of course we got stuck waiting...but even with the wait it was still less than 20 minutes to get to the Emergency Room at the hospital.

    Next time you get stuck at the RR crossing, maybe take those few minutes to call your family members and talk for a bit. Or just turn up the radio and drown out the blues of not moving.

  • Stop Saying There Is Nothing To Do In Town

    It may be OK for our kids to say they are bored and there is nothing to do, but as adults we know better. Twin Falls is loaded with fun stuff to do.

    Here's a list so you can't complain next time you are 'bored'

    • Dierkes Lake
    • Mini Golf
    • Bowling
    • The Herrett Center and Planetarium
    • Play At Any Of The Many Parks Like the First Fed Splash Pad or the Mary Alice Park
    • Shoshone Falls
    • Kayak at Centennial Park
    • Walk Through The New Downtown (Construction)
    • Go To Twin Falls City Park, There Is Usually Something Going On
    • Go To The Library - It Isn't Just Books Anymore
  • Stop The Terrible Parking

  • Stop Complaining About Driving On Blue Lakes

  • Stop Driving Distracted

    It seems that every week we are reporting on at least one accident in The Magic Valley involving distracted driving. Drive Means Drive - if you are the one behind the wheel stop letting small things distract you and focus on being safe.

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