The time has come for fair-weather fishermen to get their gear ready and head to the lake. The Idaho Fish and Game has posted their plans for stocking more than 400,000 fish in Idaho waters over the next few weeks. For the Magic Valley, we'll see about 61,000 of those rainbow trout in our local lakes, ponds, and reservoirs. The fish stocking schedule is spread throughout the month of May so you can hit up different fishing spots each week to get a different fishing experience.

What Lakes are Being Stocked in the Magic Valley?

Some waters in the Magic Valley have already been loaded up with fish and others are scheduled over the next few weeks. Here are some of the more popular locations and how many new fish are, or will be, in the water:

  • Dierkes Lake - May 3-7 stocked with 4,000 Rainbow Trout
  • Dog Creek Reservoir - May 3-7 stocked with 5,000 Rainbow Trout
  • Filer Pond - May 3-7 stocked with 450 Rainbow Trout
  • Sublett Reservoir - May 3-7 stocked with 7,500 Rainbow Trout
  • Thorn Creek Reservoir - May 3-7 stocked with 1,800 Rainbow Trout
  • Cedar Creek Reservoir - May 10-14 stocked with 11,000 Rainbow Trout
  • Gavers Lagoon - May 10-14 stocked with 1,425 Rainbow Trout
  • Stone Reservoir - May 17-21 stocked with 2,000 Rainbow Trout
  • Little Wood River Reservoir - May 17-21 stocked with 3,000 Rainbow Trout
  • Featherville Dredge Pond - May 24-28 stocked with 1,900 Rainbow Trout
  • Little Camas Reservoir - May 24-28 stocked with 4,500 Rainbow Trout
  • South Fork Boise River - May 24-28 stocked with 1,425 Rainbow Trout

You can see all the stocked locations on the ID Fish and Game website for the Magic Valley and the entire state.

How Do You Catch Trout in Idaho?

Catching rainbow trout in Idaho can be easy and depending on who you ask, it's easier with certain baits. My favorite, and all I use if I'm fishing off the bottom of a lake or pond, are marshmallows. Many fishermen swear that worms are the way to go, but I don't like dealing with gross worms. Another easy to use and effective bait is powerbait which comes in many scents and colors. I also like using action lures if fish are biting near the water surface. Be on the lookout for fish with orange tags in their fins. These could get you a reward for the catch.

Discarded Fish at Centennial Park

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