Every month, the Idaho Fish and Game posts their plans for stocking fish in lakes and rivers around Idaho. In July there will be more than 30,000 rainbow trout placed in bodies of water in the Magic Valley.

Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash
Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash

All around Idaho lakes are stocked with fish by the Idaho Fish and Game. Some places get thousands of fish and others only get a few hundred. In the latest forecast for July, you can see which locations will be stocked and when in each of the 7 regions of Idaho. Lake Cleveland will be stocked with the most fish this month as the fish and game crews plan on placing 5,000 rainbow trout over the next week.

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Fish Stocking Schedule For The Magic Valley

Other lakes getting more than one thousand fish in the Magic Valley region include:

  • Gavers Lagoon (Hayspur Fish Hatchery) with 1,425 trout between July 4th and 8th.
  • Big Wood River will get 1,190 also between July 4th and 8th.
  • Big Trinity Lake gets 2,000 fish this week and Big Smoky Creek will get 1,500.
  • Later this month between July 11th and 15th, South Fork Boise River will get 1,900, and Rock Creek will be stocked with 1,325 rainbow trout.

Will Dierkes Be Stocked With Fish

Once again, Dierkes Lake has been omitted from the list for being stocked with fish. According to the Fish and Game website, the last time it was stocked was in May of 2022 with almost 4,000 rainbow trout.

The Best Bait For Catching Trout In Idaho

Everyone will have their own opinion about what bait you should use depending on what fish you want to catch and where you are fishing, but my go-to is marshmallows. We buy a bag of the little white ones and munch on them while we catch fish with them.

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