Idaho is full of great places to visit for camping, day trips, photo opportunities, and getting creeped out. Yes, not everything about Idaho is pretty rainbows and rays of sunshine. Sprinkled among all the beauty are many creepy and dangerous abandoned places.

In the video, it is pretty interesting to see some places we didn't know about. I think it is cool that they include random information like whether there are guards at the locations to keep you out, but it is annoying that after all that they don't give the locations of any of the abandoned sites that they just teased us with!? Come on Youtubers at History of America, you have to give us more!

At least with the video, there are giant arrows that roughly point you in the direction of the abandoned sites and it looks like one of them is close to home near Burley and it isn't the Albion Mansions.

YouTube has a pretty long list of videos about Idahos abandoned locations if you are looking for a strange place to visit or send the in-laws.

Have you been to any of these abandoned Idaho places or any other cool abandoned sites?

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