Usually, at least once a week, we share a story either from or about the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. Most of the time the stories are sharing the good that they are doing for our community or sharing the stories of the many great ways that people are helping the shelter. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is in constant need of toys, blankets, pet food, money, and even people to go spend time with the cats and dogs. Not everyone in the community is doing good things to help out though. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter just posted a video they got from their security cameras of a car that pulled up and booted a dog out then sped off.

In the post they say the women pulled up in a silver car which you can see in the video. You don't see them kick the dog out, but you do see the dog appear then the car drives off. Employees at the shelter were at the building and saw the drop off and tried to chase the car down but were unable. Dropping unwanted animals at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter is legal and appropriate in the proper way. You aren't supposed to just drop them on the lawn and run away. You can get in touch with the shelter any time to schedule a drop off and while there is a surrender fee, they often waive that fee for those unable to pay.

They later posted a picture of the abandoned dog in hopes of finding out who the owners are.

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