Not every household in the Magic Valley is the same. We all have our own personalities and differences. Yet, when you drive through town or visit friends' houses there seem to be a lot of things you find at almost every house. I noticed a few of these similarities as I was driving with my family and my kids started pointing out similarities on the external parts of houses. In some of the neighborhoods near my house there are only a few options of house design so every third or fourth house is the same as another. But, well give that a pass on this list and only focus on what the residents of the house have added to their house.

We asked on Facebook for your suggestions for our list of thing you see at many or most houses in the Magic Valley. We were looking for things like the metal stars or suns over the garage doors and Live Laugh Love decorations then you guys took that suggestion and came up with some great additions. Obviously these items aren't at every home, but there is a good chance that you have at least one of them at your house. I have all but one at my house.

Common Magic Valley Home Items

  • Chickens - Having chickens at some point in your life is like a right of passage for many in the Magic Valley.
  • Guns - There is no doubt that the Magic Valley is full of guns...of course just one in each house though if anyone is asking.
  • Live Laugh Love Decorations - The staple decoration for a family trying to prove they are good despite arguments that may happen in the home.
  • Dogs - Yeah, lots of dogs fill the homes, yards, and hearts of residents.
  • Concrete Bears - These concrete bears aren't at as many houses as other things on this list, but they are at enough homes that you know what I'm talking about.
  • Dandelions - Everyone gets dandelions and other weeds, but what you do with them and how quickly you deal with them means a lot when it comes to your lawn.
  • Gardens - Many houses have at least a small plot of land dedicated to growing spices, vegetables, or (in my house) more weeds.
  • Religious Books - Religion plays a huge part in our communities so it isn't a surprise that most homes have various books on religion.
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