If you haven't seen Abducted in Plain Sight yet you need to either watch it now or watch it now. Really that's what you need to do, we'll wait. Just be prepared that about 15 minutes in your jaw will drop to the floor and your brain will explode. You'll think to yourself 'this is the craziest thing I've ever heard.' Then you'll keep watching and repeating the process of jaw drop, head explode, and being certain this is the craziest thing ever. And when it is over and you're trying to process what you just watched, Netflix will then recommend that you watch Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes...and you will.

The whole movie does a great job of telling the story. Start to finish you know what happened and you feel a little weird because it happened here in Southern Idaho. What you don't know is how in the world all of that happened! Now, we get to Abducted In Plain Sight Part 2, welcoming B back into our lives as the Brobergs did so many times years ago.

The plan is to get into the how the crimes were allowed to happen, the thought processes of those involved, and they better address the 'relationships' the parents had with B! But in a true twist that we could only expect to come along with this story - there aren't any real plans or work being done to make 'Part 2'. Yeah, no plans yet from Netflix but the original producer has expressed interest and Jan Broberg has hinted there is definitely more to the story.

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