Waste not, right? I'd normally say that you shouldn't be wasteful but that comes with a stipulation if health or safety could be compromised. Lately my wife and I have been watching true crime shows for our bedtime stories. 20/20 has a bunch you can stream on Hulu and most of them are almost mind boggling as you see the crimes unfold. We watched the Lori Vallow story, The Gravediggers Wife, a few weeks ago and since then watched a few high profile stories including the Anna Nicole Smith tragedy.

Last night though, for some reason, we weren't feeling like murder and deception videos for bedtime. Instead my wife found something that may have been worse: Extreme Cheapskates on TLC episodes from back in 2012. I am floored at what some people will do to save a buck - or in these cases to save a penny. Most of the episodes we watched didn't even involve poor people, it was just regular people who really hate spending money.

Of course Idaho was well represented by Vickie and John from Ashton, near Rexburg. This family saves money by going on roadkill adventures together. In the episode you can see them find an old carcass and thankfully leave it on the road. later they find a slightly more fresh dead bunny which they take home to eat. They also use their roadkill to make gifts for friends and family, you know because it's cheaper than buying something. Their story is the second half of the episode, and you can watch the whole thing below.

I know some people will eat roadkill, but if you don't know how long an animal has been dead, I can't make myself accept that it is OK or safe. The chances that it will be rotten are just too much for me. The family also refuses to buy new clothes, or even decent used clothes, for their kids without going through extreme price debate. They also won't pay for a phone and head down the street if they ever need to make a call.

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Do you think they are too extreme or is it cool to do things as cheaply as possible all the time?

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