UPDATE: power has been restored.

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-A power outage has been reported in the Kimberly and Hansen area impacting more than 1,000 households. Idaho Power is reporting the outage extends east of Kimberly all the way to Murtaugh and areas to the south, including parts of Rock Creek. At this time the cause is not known. About 1,482 customers are without power at this time. The outage was first reported at 6:45 a.m. Electricity could be restored by 9 a.m.
Idaho Power said power outages during the winter can last longer and recommends customers be prepared. Here is some of those tips:

  • Keep a home and car emergency kit with water and essentials. Hit this LINK for a list of items you should keep.
  • Always have a block of ice in your freezer for when the power goes out to keep food cold. Always keep the fridge and freezer doors closed.
  • Protect appliances by turning them off if the power goes out, such as electric ranges and space heaters.
  • Only use a generator in well-ventilated areas and make sure it can handle the amount of electrical load.

Here is a video on preparing for an outage:

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