You may not have even noticed there was an aluminum can shortage right now. You may have gone to the store to get your favorite soda or you went to get a less popular flavor and figured they were just out of it at the store. Or maybe you went and got the flavor you wanted and didn't even realize that there are less options right now. I've noticed because I drink way too much soda and a few of the flavors I like have been MIA for a few weeks now. Dr. Pepper finally addressed the shortage in a social media post and they are one of my missing favorites. Not regular Dr. Pepper but the Dr. Pepper Cream Soda - it is so good and you can't get it anywhere right now.

I haven't seen the same issue with my go-to favorites in the Mt. Dew varieties, but both Pepsi and Coca Cola have acknowledged that they are being forced to be selective in what they produce. The can shortage isn't due to a lack of aluminum but rather a lack of the ability to produce enough cans now that people are drinking more at home from cans rather than at restaurants and bars from bottles and cups. USA Today says manufacturers are working to build facilities where they can then produce more cans.

Next time you go to the store and stroll down the beverage aisle, take a close look and see if notice the can shortage effect.

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