Our world is weird. Yesterday I was reading about the odd rules some businesses have for employee bathroom breaks. One of them was that someone has the job of doing a smell check after someone uses the bathroom. This person has to make sure there are toilet smells to prove the other person actually used the toilet and didn't just go in there to hide or play on their phone. Can you imagine if your boss sprung that new addition to your job description? I sit close to the restrooms here at work and sometimes just hearing what is happening is too much for me to handle.

The more humane way to encourage employees to take shorter bathroom breaks, and not force someone to smell for poop, is the new inclined toilets. I mean, if you are that worried about your employees time spent on the potty, not embarrassing them when they go seems like a good option for everyone. The new toilets are angled down in the front so it is harder to sit on the throne and relax as you are constantly sliding forward. There are different angles available depending on how serious the issue is at your work. The new ceramic seats are made by a company called Standard Toilet and claim to be able to save companies money in lost toilet time. The slanted toilets could also be a health benefit to users since prolonged toilet time has been linked to hemorrhoids and weak pelvic muscles. Whatever you say Standard Toilet as long as I can still use it with my Squatty Potty.

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