The toilet. Where do I start with this one. Some people call it the porcelain throne but the majority of comments are not so positive. Yet we all use it and apparently we use it a lot! A new study from BuzzFeed found that the average man will spend 3 years of his life on the toilet. That seems like a very long time but when I think of the times I have fallen asleep on the throne it does seem to make sense. Read below for more toilet stats.

1 - Around 70% of people prefer their toilet paper "over." So get it right…and put the seat down when you are done.

2 - The most expensive toilet in the world is made of 24 karat gold. Now that is a true throne!

3 - This seems like a pretty high number too, but apparently (on average) we use 57 sheets of toilet paper each day.

4 - There is a bathroom themed restaurant in Taiwan. You sit on toilets, eat from toilets, and it probably smells like a toilet.

5 - The scariest bathroom is also pretty weird. It features a glass floor built over a 15 story drop. Probably pretty awkward if you miss.

For even more toilet information read the potty encyclopedia.