With the pandemic still in effect and our holiday party sizes diminished, my Christmas was quite a bit more chill than normal as I assume most were. Some people might be loving that there was less party chaos this year, but I like my big, loud, and crazy family holiday parties. There are nine kids in my family and when we all get together with spouses and children (which is rare) it is pure insanity. But it's a good kind of crazy. We used to rent a cabin every year and cram nearly 50 people inside for Christmas. Even when just a few of us gather together it still means there are more people than allowed by current pandemic guidelines. My family alone is almost too many people. We just got through Christmas and despite the smaller family gathering, it was fun and memorable. Next up is New Year's and I'd argue that the 'ring in the new year party' is usually even more crazy.

Now we are stuck trying to figure out what to do on the final day of the year, because honestly not all the parties are going to be intimate 10 person gatherings. I want to go to a big party and eat food and be loud. I also don't want to get sick and die, and I won't be signing any COVID party waivers. Do you know what you are planning on doing this year? Can you handle a calm New Year's Eve party or has 2020 been too much for you and you need to end it with a big bang and a crazy party?

Whatever your plans, be safe and have a happy New Year.

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