If you have been feeling gloomy, depressed, or any of the other effects of cold winter days and an ongoing pandemic - here's a little ray of sunshine. The most miserable day of the year in Idaho is coming up. How is that a ray of sunshine when it sounds downright depressing? The most miserable day is on January 1st, so we get to knock it out on the first day of the year. After that it's all happy and unicorns.

Here's how that works. 3,000 Idahoans were asked in a survey by wiki.ezvid what day they perceived as the worst day of the year. That poll partied with weather data from 1980 through 2016 shows us that January 1st is the most miserable day of the year. I guess that doesn't mean every day after that will be amazing, but it will statistically be better.

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They don't give any reason for why people chose that day as the most miserable, but it seems like New Year's Day would be one of the better days for most people. On the weather side, January 1st gets the honor of most miserable because of an average of 24 degrees and 1.4 inches of rain. Yep, cold and wet sounds pretty miserable to me. I'll look at the positive side and just be happy to get that day out of the way immediately as we start the new year.

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