In recent years it has become more acceptable to talk about your mental health. People seem more open to sharing their feelings and struggles. And, equally as important is that people are open to listening and supporting those who are having issues. Schools in Idaho are now offering free counseling to students and family members.

Mental Health Awareness Event In Twin Falls

People are able to gather and bond over their mental health struggles. Others are fortified knowing that they aren't the only ones who have bad days. The Bands at the Bridge event in Twin Falls is an annual gathering for spreading hope and awareness while offering resources and information on help for mental health struggles. To participate, meet at the Twin Falls Visitor Center near the Perrine Bridge on September 10, 2021 beginning at 6:30PM.

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At the event there will be free activities for the entire family:

  • Tie a 'Love Yourself' wrist band on the bridge as a memory to a loved one or as a message of hope to a stranger.
  • Paint rocks with messages of hope to place in the Kindness garden near the canyon rim.

Raffle items will also be available, and money from the sale of raffle tickets will be used to purchase and deliver 'Love Yourself' wrist bands. Winners will receive a special gift basket.

The event is organized by the Love Yourself charity. Follow them on Facebook for inspiration and encouragement on your tough days.

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