Sometimes you just can’t tell if what you see on the internet is real or a joke.

Sometimes the most ridiculous things end up being true and the simplest things are lies.

Is This Real? F-35 Fighter Jet For Sale in CA With a Huge Price Tag

For example, right now on Facebook Marketplace in Southern California, there is an F-35 Fighter Jet listed for sale. It has a massive price tag of $150 Million and the post only has 2 grainy pictures of the jet, which makes sense. If you want a picture of the jet flying it’s going to be going too fast for a good photo, right?

Credit Facebook Marketplace
Credit Facebook Marketplace

Honestly though, let’s say the post is real - the F-35 is the most advanced fighter jet in the world. The post really should have more pictures and maybe a few of it on the ground and of the interior. If you are asking $150,000,000 we want to see the interior and the engine. We expect at least that much when buying a much cheaper used car. We’ve seen less grainy shots of the elusive Bigfoot and I’m pretty sure he’s actually that grainy.

Also, let’s talk about the listing description. It’s actually pretty funny. It says:

F-25 fighter jet for sale, just need new front seat, no title, ran when parked, no low ballers, O know what I got.

It reads exactly like a used car ad when someone has an old beater, but is emotionally attached to it so they think it is worth more than it really is. In this case, that’s on par, as a new F-35 only runs around $110 million to $177 million.

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Probably the only reason they didn’t use it in Top Gun: Maverick is because it costs so much money and only seats 1 person. Of course, Top Gun always uses 2. It really is an impressive jet though. Check out the rundown video below.

Since the F-35 on Facebook is most likely a fake, but you still want a cool jet, there’s a much less cool Citation M2 Gen2 listed for $6 million in Chino Hills.

Credit Facebook Marketplace
Credit Facebook Marketplace

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