You can get angry or you can have some fun.  Nate Silvester chose the latter.  He works in law enforcement in Blaine County.  He posted a video mocking basketball star LeBron James.  The ballplayer was critical of a police officer in Columbus, Ohio.  James issued a tweet identifying the officer after the shooting of a teenager.  She had attacked one person with a knife and was about to stab a second person when she was shot and killed.

James later deleted the tweet but wasn’t apologetic about what some perceived as threatening behavior.

Silvester posted a video, later picked up and shared by Dan Bongino, where he pretended he was at a stabbing and waiting for advice from James.  You can watch the video here.

Some news media outlets immediately went into overdrive in an attempt to besmirch Silvester’s reputation.  Check out this link.

You see, Silvester defended a policewoman from Minnesota.  This after the woman mistakenly shot a man with her pistol, when she intended to use a Taser.  We should note he later died.  He was shot as he broke free from police.  The guy was wanted on an outstanding warrant and he sped away after being shot.  His actions endangered police and other drivers.

Never let those details get in the way of an expected news media narrative.

James, by the way, has in the past defended the genocidal communist regime in China.  China is a huge and profitable market for the NBA and its top stars.

James is an Ohio native, having grown up in Akron.


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