You can say that love is in the air, but it's probably just COVID. That isn't stopping us from getting into the romantic spirit in preparation for Valentine's Day and possibly a marriage proposal and wedding in the next few months.

The Best Wedding Venues Around Twin Falls

Some people really stress over the marriage proposal, but the real stress comes after you take a knee and the wedding planning starts. You have a lot that you have to organize for a wedding, that’s why ‘wedding planner’ is a legit profession. Some people can’t handle the stress. Then there are those who know exactly what they want. Maybe they’ve been planning and dreaming about the perfect day since they were a child.

There are a few stunning wedding and reception venues around Twin Falls that can make your dream location a reality. The unique and stunning venues near us make picking a location easy, or maybe more difficult since there are such good options.

Top 5 Wedding Venues Around Twin Falls, ID

Ultimately, it will be up to you what location is right for you, but these 5 places in Southern Idaho are beautiful options.

The Risk Barn in Jerome, ID

While it doesn’t seem like the best name for a place to get married, despite the risk, this barn event center is amazing for its unique location. Not only is the barn available for events, but you can also utilize the spacious outdoor grassy area or the adorable Outdoor Wedding Arbor.

South Hills Retreat Center in Southern Idaho

If you want an off-the-grid and secluded wedding event, the SHRC is the perfect place. Nestled deep in the South Hills you won’t be bothered by nosey humans, but you might get the attention of a curious moose.

Apple Barn in Filer

Who doesn’t dream of an outdoor wedding in an orchard? Even in the cooler months, you can still hold your wedding event inside the 5,000 square foot barn.

Canyon Crest Event Center on the Snake River Canyon

This location has to be on any wedding planning options list. Canyon Crest has a view that can’t be beaten. The outdoor patio offers one of the best views of the Snake River Canyon, plus the food is always on point.

Mountain View Barn in Jerome

Yes, this is another barn, but each barn on this list offers something so unique you can’t pass it up. At Mountain View, you have to option to get hitched in the rustic barn or the historic Van Wagener house. You could even hold the wedding at the barn and then rent the house for your honeymoon.

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