The elusive Bigfoot may be a much more devious character than originally believed. Bigfoot has been blamed as the cause of a recent murder and the reason he’s so hard to find is due to his ability to travel interdimensionally.

Bigfoot Blamed for Recent Murder and Possibly Travels Through Dimensions

There are two stories in the news from the last few days about the secretive Sasquatch. One story shares details of a man who killed his friend because of Sasquatch and the other story talks about Bigfoot’s ability to travel between dimensions, and that’s why he is so hard to find.

Bigfoot Blamed for Recent Murder

In Oklahoma, a man was out noodling (catching catfish with one's bare hands) with his friend. The fun adventure turned deadly when the first man got the impression his buddy had summoned Bigfoot to kill him. According to the Fox 23 story, he states that killing his friend would somehow stop Bigfoot from killing him. Police think the man may have been ‘under the influence of something’.

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Bigfoot Travels Through Dimensions

If you believe that Bigfoot can be summoned, like some otherworldly demon, to kill your friends then you might also like this other theory about the furry humanoid: he’s hard to find because he can travel between dimensions. Bigfoot isn’t even from our world, he just has the ability to come here to mess with people and get caught in the occasional grainy photo. But, his interdimensional DNA may explain why every photo of Bigfoot is low quality. Our primitive cameras can’t handle his otherworldly radiation. You can learn more about that theory on DailyStar or in the discover+ show ‘Paranormal Declassified: Tracking Bigfoot’.

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