Before heading out to the fair this weekend, read this story from last year, and watch the video. Be prepared for anything.

The Twin Falls County Fair kicked off this week, and one of the best parts about it, other than the food, rides, and games, is the Magic Valley Stampede Rodeo. In Idaho, rodeos are a big deal and a staple at any fair. The skillset of the athletes, the live animals, and the threat of danger, makes for a fun time for the whole family and an enjoyment everyone should experience. The rodeo at the Twin Falls County fair lasts for three days and kicked off last night, and will continue tonight and tomorrow. While flocks of people will make their way to Filer to take in the spectacle, be aware that the danger in attending a rodeo, and when something goes wrong, it can be terrifying as this video proves.

Bull Charges Crowd at State Fair Rodeo

This last week at a state fair in Florida a bull decided he had enough at the rodeo, and decided to escape into the crowd, where things got a little scary. Thank goodness nobody appears to have been harmed in the video, but there were some elevated heartbeats and wet pants that evening. Once the bull started getting closer to the stands, it got a little scarier, but one cowboy was able to rope the bull and pull him back in. As one comment stated, 'That guy that lassoed the bull should never have to buy a drink in this town ever again. He probably saved a life or two with that perfect grab!' To the cowboy that did rope the bull, I am sure he was well taken care of that night.

This is a video shot from a different angle, showing more of the crowd interaction. The best part is about 12 seconds in when a man comes out of screen to grab a trashcan to help defend himself and stop the bull. As expected, the bull ran through it and the man stopped nothing. Around the one minute mark, a dog can be seen coming in to try and play with the bull's tail, before being picked up by a man. The more you watch this video, the more you notice and catch. Watch it ten times and you will see something different every time.

Here is an angle where you can see the dog playing with the bull's tail a little bit better. Thank goodness the dog was not harmed.

The Danger of the Rodeo in Twin Falls

Credit: photosbyjim
Credit: photosbyjim

While nothing of this nature happened last night at the rodeo and hopefully doesn't this weekend, it does serve as a reminder to stay alert and be prepared if it does. Now, this incident took place in Florida, a state not exactly known for rodeos, where in Idaho, it is hard to see such a situation occur with the experience of the cowboys in the area. If it does happen, try to make your way up the stands, or out of the arena, to get as far away as you can, but do so in a way to not provoke or scare the bull, even though you are most likely scared yourself. If the thought of this happening terrifies you, then the rodeo might not be for you, but odds are it is safe to attend and you have nothing to worry about. 

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As the fair rolls on and the rodeo continues with nights two and three, enjoy the festivities and enjoy the skill that the cowboys and cowgirls involved in the rodeo demonstrate this weekend. Enjoy the fried food, enjoy the games, enjoy the rides, and enjoy the Twin Falls County Fair and the Magic Valley Stampede Rodeo and all they have to offer. It is one of the best times of the year, and no bull can ruin that. 

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