A recent viral video has been circulating for a few days and is causing fear and raising many questions about certain laws in California.

The video shows a big yellow tow truck attempting to take a car, with passengers inside, while stopped at an intersection in downtown San Francisco.

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Police Investigating: What We Know About the Viral California Tow Truck Video

The video can be seen in many online locations, but the one posted by Collin Rugg on X has more than 10 million views since he put it up on April 14th. The video shows a tow truck attempting to impound a car with occupants inside who were stopped at a crosswalk intersection. The truck makes a few unsuccessful attempts before driving away.

California Tow Truck Company in Viral Video Called Predatory

The company, Specialty Towing (with only a 2 star rating on Yelp), has been called predatory for the attempted car impound. Predatory towing is a common issue in California as some tow companies use spotters to find illegally parked cars and tow them away. There have been claims that the cars are not always parked illegally and tow drivers are taking liberties in what constitutes an illegal parking job.

But, predatory towing usually refers to a car that is unoccupied and parked on private property. Specialty Towing has been named among companies illegally towing cars from private parking lots.

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The car in this video was occupied and stopped at a traffic intersection in downtown San Francisco.

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California law AB 2210 explains some of the rights of drivers who may experience their vehicle being towed and the rules tow truck drivers and property owners must follow before removing a vehicle.

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