Walmart has announced that it will be closing some Southern California stores. One store in each location will permanently close on Friday.

The spokesperson for Walmart cited a variety of reasons for the closures including poor performance and an inability to reach a reasonable lease renewal with the property managers of each location.

Credit Google Street/Canva
Credit Google Street/Canva

Walmart Stores Are Closing in San Diego and El Cajon

The following stores will close permanently on February 9th, 2024 in Southern California.

  • San Diego Walmart Neighborhood Market at 2121 Imperial Ave.
  • El Cajon Walmart at 605 Fletcher Parkway

The closure will affect 357 workers, who will have the option to transfer to other Walmart stores. After the closures, there will still be 5 Walmart stores in San Diego and 2 in El Cajon.

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Walmart Closing 2 Stores in California, Will There Be More?

Walmart shut down more than 20 stores in 2023 citing theft and underperformance as the reasons. The 2 stores closing in Southern California are only the first of what could be many in 2024. There aren’t any other Walmart store closures announced or publicly planned in California, but that could change based on performance throughout the upcoming year. In 2023 there were only supposed to be 15 closures and the final number was over 20.

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