I just got home from a family vacation to California and we saw a lot of roadkill along the way. I’m the dad who will point it out every single time, but I have never had any desire to pull my car over and load the carcass into the back seat so we could take it home for dinner.

Photo by Tor Stryger on Unsplash
Photo by Tor Stryger on Unsplash

Can You Legally Gather and Eat Roadkill in Idaho?

If roadkill is on your list of menu items to try, or it’s something you already love, Idaho is the perfect state for you. Roadkill gathering is perfectly legal in Idaho, but it could be a little easier. Wyoming is so dedicated to its roadkill gathering that there is a portion of its state Department of Transportation app dedicated to helping people claim roadkill.

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What Roadkill Can Be Gathered Legally In Idaho

Collecting wildlife roadkill has been legal in Idaho since the spring of 2012. Since that time there have been thousands of animal carcasses recovered from Idaho roads for consumption. Wildlife that can be legally gathered includes deer, elk, moose, wolf, skunk, black bear, and mountain lion. To be considered roadkill the animal must have been unintentionally hit by a vehicle and either killed or maimed to the point that the animal must be dispatched. If an animal requires dispatch (being killed) that is also legal in Idaho as of July 1, 2018.

Photo by Francesco on Unsplash
Photo by Francesco on Unsplash

How To Report Roadkill Collected For Meat In Idaho

To claim a dead animal from the side of the road you must notify the Idaho Fish and Game within 24 hours and obtain a salvage permit within 72 hours. Permits are free. Those consuming the flesh of a roadkill animal should be aware that there are serious health risks that come with the activity and some wildlife should be checked for Chronic Wasting Disease.

🦌 Is It Illegal To Eat Fresh Roadkill In Idaho? [Resources & Pics]

Boise, Idaho. If you're new to hunting and the concept of conservationist living, there's a great deal to know before you salvage and consume your first roadkill find!

🤠 The gallery below is intended to help the Gem State's newest conservationists and salvagers understand how to comply with Idaho Fish and Game's regulations.

💻 Direct links to hunter education for adults and children are featured in the last two images!

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