A recent post on one of southern Idaho's numerous social media platforms created for praise and complaints got me wondering if some Twin Falls residents have an addiction to disapproving.

You've all at one time or another probably scrolled through the comments on one of Twin Falls rants and raves sites. There are several pages on Facebook that have been created by hosts that are devoted to scorning strangers. The Magic Valley alone has two rants and raves pages people can communicate their displeasure on.

One recent rant that has collected a number of irate responses had to do with the Candy Cane House holiday attraction in Twin Falls. You know the drill. You pull up, you park, you tune in KOOL 96.5 FM, you turn off your car lights, and you enjoy the show. We've all seen a person accidentally leave their car lights on, but how many of us have then gone home and typed out our frustration over it on a local Facebook site.

Are these types of actions necessary for some people to make it through their day and feel whole as a person? Obviously, I'm aware these types of Facebook pages are common in many cities across the world, but it seems like southern Idaho criticism can be excessive at times. I do appreciate when people rave about a restaurant or an individual who had a positive impact on them throughout the course of their day, and find these communications to be beneficial for all involved.

I get that other people's actions can be frustrating for some, but these kinds of pages on sites such as Facebook seem to be just a way to infect others with your anger. Do you believe rants and raves pages are a positive addition to communities?

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