There has been a bit of friendly fire on the Jerome side of the Snake River Canyon this week between the Jerome Police Department and the Jerome Sheriff’s Office. The online exchange is amusing and the virtual jabs show the excellent relationship between the departments.

Shots Fired: The Jerome Police Just Roasted The Jerome Sheriff Online

In a post on Facebook, the Jerome Police Department felt the need to let the community know that they aren’t the only law enforcement agency in Jerome. They share the responsibility with the Jerome County Sheriff's Office. But even though they share the area, the police made it very clear that they don’t share the same responsibilities. They could have just said that they cover the city and the Sheriff covers the county, but they took it to a new level of funny by pointing out the differences in their daily duties.

Check Out These Clever Burns From Jerome Police Toward The Jerome Sheriff

First of all, a tip of the hat to whoever is running the Jerome Police Department Facebook page, almost every post is hilarious and informative. But the post on January 26th is a real winner.

I know I’ve said that the Jerome Police were roasting the Jerome Sheriff, but really most of these seem to say that the Sheriff deputies work harder than the Police. They also get to wear cooler hats.

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Other than the differences noted in the Facebook post, what other differences do you know of between Police and Deputies?

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