Squirtle KOOL Kritter

Even the KOOL Kritters are getting in on the PokemonGo hype. The latest group of KOOL Kritters are named after famous Pokemon characters like Squirtle. He's a 2 year old male Rottweiler blend looking for a family to take him Pokemon hunting.

If you would like to adopt ‘Squirtle' or any of the KOOL Kritters, just stop by the Twin Falls Animal Shelter at 420 Victory Ave in Twin Falls or call (208) 736-2299 for more information.

Please remember to make sure your outdoor dogs have water at all times. We have had some strong storms and a lot of dogs are afraid of thunder, or love to run free when a gate is left or blown open – if one of your pets ever goes missing, make sure you contact the Twin Falls Animal Shelter and see if they are there.

KOOL Kritters are sponsored by Simon's Housekeeping and Janitorial - the service Twin Falls and Burley and can help you reclaim your weekends. Have them clean your house or business so you can spend more time with your family and pets!

If you are looking for a fun place to take your dogs any day – don’t forget about Baxter’s Dog ParkYou can also help out in other ways besides adopting. You can sponsor adoptions for other people, donate money, food, and even just spending time with the animals is helpful and rewarding. For more information and pictures of all the KOOL Kritters check out Facebook.

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