How Much Did You Spend
I didn't get to go to the fair this year - but maybe I couldn't have afforded it anyways. I've heard quite a few comments from friends and coworkers that they spent more money this year than previous years.
Are Smoke Breaks Fair?
Imagine saying to your boss that you are going to go outside and sit on the grass for 10 minutes enjoying the beautiful Idaho weather or that you'll be at your desk watching YouTube videos for a while on the clock. Now, imagine doing that a few times a day. Doesn't seem right does it?
Christmas Decorations
When to set up the Christmas decorations is, and will always be, a matter of debate. It will always be too early or too late depending on the person (we won't get in to when you take them down). I say "to each his own" and don't complain if I put mine up before you think I should. I don't tell you how to landscape your yard in the summer, so if somebody wants Christmas lights up before y
Rebooted TV Shows
Hollywood is out of ideas, but I don't care. I actually think it is good that they are stuck and have started looking back at franchises that they can leech off of. Not just in movies but in TV too.
Favorite Social Site
Staying in touch with people today is easier than it has ever been thanks to social networking sites. In fact, if you aren't on a social site it is considered rude by many people.
Park In The Garage?
What are the most expensive things most Americans own? My guess would be that they own a house and a car. And most houses have a garage to protect the car. Yet many houses use the garage to store junk instead. Why?
Save The Drive In [POLL]
We just got some bad news this morning that the Twin Falls Motor-Vu Drive In is shutting down. There was a break in a water line over the winter that went unnoticed and caused a lot of damage making the cost to repair (along with the difficulty in finding 35mm film that the theater uses) outweigh the benefits.
Admit Your Weight or Salary [POLL
In life we all keep secrets. Sometimes for good reasons and others just because we don't want people to know something - namely our weight and our salary. The thing I find interesting is that a higher number is not always good. You are probably more likely to share your salary if it is high but less likely to share your weight if it is high...
When To Stop Parenting
I get that as parents our job is to take care of our kids. We have to make sure they are safe and healthy all the time...but at what point (if any) do we need to release the reigns and stop keeping track of them.
Glitter Bomb Revenge
OK - so this is where we are as a society. We have to be politically correct about everything, we can't let our kids play with pretend guns, we can get sued for using a wrong word, and now even our revenge isn't so vengeful.

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