Are you wearing a mask yet when you go out in public? I haven't left my house in a few days so I haven't worn a mask. last time I went out with my wife was an emergency trip to Home Depot and we didn't wear masks, many people there did. I'm certain my wife should have worn one though. Not because she is gross or high risk but because she kept holding her breath every time we would walk by someone. I'm not going to lie, I do have a few masks I want to wear when I go out. I fact, I'm probably going to start working like this more often even though these masks probably won't help block any sicknesses.

COVID-19 Mask Options

I haven't worn any of these out in public and most likely won't but I have been wearing the Stormtrooper mask today while I work. Makes me feel cool.

When I do go out I'll most likely wear an actual medical or hobby mask so it protects me and those around me. Some choose not to wear a mask and others would argue that it should be required. We even included mask recommendations in the 10 Commandments of Pandemic Life In Twin Falls. How do you feel?

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