If you are serving up a salad at Thanksgiving, make sure it isn't a salad with Romaine lettuce. The CDC has issued a statement that no Romaine lettuce is safe to eat due to E. coli contamination. If you have Romaine lettuce in any form; whole heads, pre-cut, Romaine hearts, and Romaine mixed with other lettuce in bags.

“This is a warning to take seriously,” said Logan Hudson, SCPHD Registered Nurse. “Symptoms can last for several days, and in some cases lead to kidney failure.”

Symptoms of E. coli typically start three to four days after eating or drinking something that contains the bacteria. Symptoms can include severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting.

The CDC is still investigating the source of the contamination and suggest you throw out any Romaine lettuce you have and make sure to wash down the area in your fridge where it was stored. There have been 32 reported cases of infection from this form of E. coli on Romaine lettuce.

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