I love living in America and having freedom to do pretty much what I want. Obviously there are laws that help govern us and keep us from doing everything that we want. I know there are people who would love to do whichever drugs are available or drive 50 mph on Blue Lakes. There are also those who would love to drive without a license or not pay for services and goods. But there are laws against those things to help protect the rest of the community around them. Currently in Idaho there are many laws you have to abide by when driving to keep you, other drivers, and pedestrians safe.

It is your duty as a driver to be aware and not drive distracted. You need to scrape your windows in the winter, wear you seat belt, stop at red lights, turn on your lights at night, and obey speed limits. You also aren't allowed to text while driving in Idaho. That's an interesting law that could be changing soon. Currently, according to Idaho code, you can't text while driving but you can text if the car is stopped. You are still allowed to talk on your phone in most parts of Idaho, thought some counties have banned all handheld devices while driving.

The change lawmakers are discussing is to make all use of handheld devices and other methods of distracted driving illegal in all parts of Idaho. If passed the new law would supersede local city and county laws. The planned law would include cell phone use and also cover other types of distracted driving like: eating, applying makeup, or anything else that distracts a driver while in motion. The problem some see with the proposed law is the vagueness of what 'distracted' means. More details can be found at KTVB.

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