Cell phones have become an essential part of our lives. They do everything for us and we’ve become dependent on them, but that dependency and distraction has become an issue in Idaho schools.

REMINDER: The deadline to provide feedback is March 19th. The Twin Falls School District is looking for input on a proposed cell phone ban during school hours that would affect almost every student in the district.

Cell Phone Ban in the Twin Falls School District

The Twin Falls School District is currently exploring the possibility of implementing a new personal electronic communication device policy. The policy draft from the TFSD states that the electronics ban would include:

cellphones, smartphones, smartwatches, earbuds, headphones, video recording devices, personal digital assistants (PDA), iPods, iPads, laptop computers, tablet computers, other wearable electronics, and other similar electronic devices.

Studies show that the ease and constant access that students have to cell phones is detrimental to the student's academic and emotional progress. The policy would prohibit the use of the above-mentioned electronic items during school hours, defined as the official start time and end-of-day dismissal.

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The ban does not mean students can’t bring the devices to school. If the items are brought with the student they will need to be silent, out of sight, and not on the student (can’t wear earbuds or carry a phone in the pocket). Devices must be kept in a backpack or locker. If a student breaks the rules, the device will be confiscated.

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Should Phones Be Banned in the Twin Falls School District

Under the policy, students would be allowed to still use school-issued devices such as Chromebooks and headphones to use at appropriate times.

The school is asking for public input on the proposed policy. You can read the full plan and leave comments online. The draft can be found here and the survey is available here.

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