This may make it sound like I grew up in the stone age, but I didn't get my first cellular phone until I was 17 years old. It was a flip phone that only had the T9 option for typing texts and it didn't play music or videos. I don't think it even connected to the internet. I know - how did I even live?! Well, kids it was a different time back then and you actually had to make plans with your friends and family. That's a skill that my kids don't have anymore. We used to have to plan a time and location to meet up and if you were late you got left behind. Now they call and text the entire time with meetup details. Now there are kids in kindergarten at my kids school with their own phones. I've seen middle school kids with better phones than mine. My kids all share an old phone between the four of them and it never goes to school unless there is an after school activity and they'll need to call us when it is over.

Every kid, family, and situation is different so pegging down a 'correct age for kids to have their own phone' is a tough one. But, as a majority there has to be a more common age that parents are giving their kids a phone. Maybe it is as soon as you kid goes to kindergarten or when they get their first job or learn to drive. Maybe you never give your kids a phone and they only get a cell phone if they buy and pay for it themselves. Take the poll below and let's figure out when the majority of Idaho kids are getting their own cell phones.

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