Chick-fil-A has announced their keto friendly menu and really it is just their regular menu with a few tweaks. Here's the deal - the keto diet is a low carb - high (good) fat diet. My wife has been doing the keto diet for a few months and honestly it seems like the type of diet I could do. She even has a group of friends doing it and they call themselves the Carb Killers (she's probably going to kill me for telling you that). She eats a lot of meat, including bacon and fried chicken (which seems like a joke diet to me) but it works somehow once your body reaches ketosis and burns your stored fat. The hard part for me would be my love of sugar which is a no go on keto.

With the keto menu at Chick-fil-A they give you suggestions on how to make their current menu keto friendly. So, really the information could be used at any fast food restaurant - basically you have to skip the starches which means no bread and no fries. So for breakfast you could do an egg sandwich with sausage or bacon and no bun/English muffin. You also have to watch the sauces since those are usually loaded with sugars. The Chick-fil-A article on their keto menu goes into the details of carb count for each menu item since carbs are the killers of the diet. Plus you can see the dietary values of your meal if you order through the app.

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