Two girls inside Twin Falls' Chic-fil-A were allegedly caught discussing their shoplifting adventures while accidentally broadcasting the conversation to the outside 'Order Here' speaker. But was it actually an accident?

It could be real and these girls need to learn discretion...but it could also be fake and they are genius messing with our minds.

I don't know how the Chic-fil-A system works but don't you normally have to hold down a button to send the audio outside? Why would they be doing that unless they wanted someone to hear? If it is real, then there is a bigger issue and Shelby (her name is said at the end of the video) needs to stay away from Dillards and Shopko and not hang out with the other girl in the video anymore.

Does this type of video count as a shoplifting confession and the Twin Falls Police need to take action or is it just two girls talking? If you are the owner of the business - what do you do?

For the record - I love Chic-fil-A and I'll still eat there and I will still dress like a cow on their appreciation day, so hopefully this video doesn't affect the business.

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