The city of Burley may not be receiving all the recognition it deserves throughout the year. Sure, right now the Cassia County area is flooding and not very inviting but during the rest of the year it's a pretty happening place. That is all captured in a new video by CB Creative called Welcome Home.

The video highlights some of the great features of Burley including the 4th of July fireworks, Christmas lights in the Square, watersports on the Snake River, golfing at River's Edge, the Spudman Triathalon, and Idaho Regatta. They even get in some good shots of some of the school sports and community events like the Mini-Cassia rodeo and what looks like the Magic Philharmonic performing.

There is even a good representation of the many large scale businesses in the area. They did take some liberties in the video to include Pomerelle and City of Rocks in the highlights of Burley though. What other events or locations can you recognize in the video - did we miss anything?

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