The Magic Valley is full of amazing classic cars. Go to any car show and you’ll be in for a treat of restored and original pieces of automotive history.

Classic Cars In Twin Falls

It seems like at least once a month there is a car show happening in Downtown Twin Falls at the city park. There are also numerous shows in surrounding cities. Just a few weeks ago the Idaho British Car Club made a stop in Twin Falls to show off their English rides. You can see a gallery of their cars at the bottom of this story, but first, let’s look at a few of the classic cars that are currently for sale in the Magic Valley.

Classic Cars For Sale in Twin Falls

On the Facebook Marketplace, there are quite a few classic cars for sale. Some appear to be in amazing condition and others are definitely project cars with potential.

8 Classic Cars For Sale In The Magic Valley On Marketplace

The Magic Valley is home to a massive collection of classic cars. Some of these classics are currently for sale - and while some are in cherry condition and ready to roll others are in need of TLC...and parts. Whether you want to see a project car or a car ready for shows, check out this gallery.

There are more classics listed on Marketplace that I didn’t include in the gallery because they were in need of more TLC than the ones I chose. If a car project is what you dream about, you can see the other options for sale on Facebook.

Idaho British Car Club in Twin Falls

The Idaho British Car Club stopped in Twin Falls as part of their summer tour back in June. The club is only open to British model cars and there are some stellar vehicles in the group.

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8 Must-Follow Facebook Groups In Twin Falls

The Magic Valley has a lot of cool, informative, and entertaining groups that you should definitely follow if you live around Twin Falls.

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