Is there a movie you love that you never got to see in the theater? This summer you may be able to fulfill that dream - some classic movies like Saturday Night Fever, The Godfather, and The Princess Bride will be showing at the Magic Valley Cinema 13 in the Magic Valley Mall.

For me seeing Top Gun and the first Back To The Future in a theater would be a dream! Neither of those are currently on the list, but I'm pretty excited that The Princess Bride is coming to the theater later this year though and it probably wouldn't take much convincing to get my family to go see it with me.

Fathom Events has a pretty impressive list of great movies coming to Twin Falls this year and the first one is this weekend when they show Saturday Night Fever. Others coming soon include Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Casablanca, and even E.T. Check out the Fathom site for upcoming classic shows and dates.

I know there are some great new movies coming out this year, but these classics are going to be a nice break in the mold.

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