The Magic Valley Cinema 13 recently posted an interesting note on their Facebook page. The message made me feel a little like this was my chance to be the hero in a story. That's a bit dramatic for what they are asking, but you can feel a little heroic if you participate.

Magic Valley Cinema 13 Wants You To Watch The Newest Marvel Movie This Weekend

In the Facebook post, the movie theater asks that you take time this weekend to go and watch the new Marvel movie: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The theater asking you to watch a specific movie does seem a little odd, but you can see their reason in the post below:

Apparently the future of your movie viewing hinges on the success of the Ten Rings movie. Personally I'd rather go see the Black Widow movie or Free Guy. But would that make me a villain instead of a hero for choosing the wrong movie?

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It does make sense that the movie theater, and the movie studios, would want the movie to have a strong opening weekend to prove that people will go to the movies and make it worth releasing more in the upcoming months. I don't think it makes full sense though to put all your money on one movie though. If we all go to the theater and watch something, wouldn't that still prove that we want to see more movie choices at the theater in the upcoming months?

Bonus Movie Theater Info

The Magic Valley Cinema 13 is also hiring. Pay starts at $8 an hour and anyone 16 and older can apply.

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