Finding local places to eat in a new town is usually a fun adventure. Getting to taste the local flavors and try new foods and new places is one of the best parts of traveling or moving to a new place. Having food just known to that region or state can make for a good or bad experience, depending on how it tastes. Having a local pizza place, taco place or ice cream shop can often become a game of comparing your favorites from other places.

My world of ice cream was altered forever for the better. I tried Cloverleaf Creamery in Buhl and it was the best ice cream I ever had. It was a combination of the best places I have had. I had the eggnog and cookie dough, and it was delicious. The substance is perfect. It has the right amount of creamy, stretchy solid and the portion is great. Two scoops is a good amount of ice cream, but because of how good it is, somehow still doesn't seem like enough.

The little store section is a nice addition as well. They already have eggnog in supply, which is fantastic to me as a person that loves eggnog. We bought some chocolate milk, and wow! It is the best chocolate milk I have ever had. MY wife and I decided we will only buy our milk from Cloverleaf from now on. It is so good though I feel it would be a waste to use cooking or for cereal, at the same time, that is what it is meant for.

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To see milk in glass bottles again was nostalgic and I thought a unique touch to the store. A fun fact people may not know is they will accept the bottles back and even encourage it. They will wash and recycle the bottles if you bring them back. For an incentive to do so, you also will get $2.50 back for bringing the bottle back, which you can use to buy more milk, ice cream, or just pocket the money, but who would pass on more ice cream or milk?

The next time you are looking for a cold sweet treat, make sure you head out to Buhl or over to 2nd street and get some of the best ice cream you will ever taste. Cloverleaf gets a 10/10 in my book. They will have you coming back for more very soon.

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