If you have been down Main Street lately, you have probably seen the decorated window that says "CloverLeaf Farmers Market Coming 2022". We got a little more information on what that entails for Downtown Twin Falls, and it is exciting.

CloverLeaf Will Be Expanding

The expansion on Main Street will not affect the 2nd South Market location or the location in Buhl. This expansion is going to give Twin Falls residents another opportunity to take advantage of CloverLeaf and other locally sourced products.

What Will Be In The Expansion

They will, of course, have CloverLeaf Ice Cream available for purchase. They will also have locally sourced products from produce to jams and more. It is a farmers' market so you can expect to see things in there that are typical for a farmers market. One thing that will make it different is a small cafe will be inside. The menu may not be super extensive but it is guaranteed to be fresh and delicious.

When You Can Expect To Be Able To Enjoy The Expansion

They are shooting for a May 1st opening date. I am really hoping that is the case, but you never know with all the delays and shortages we have had lately. The good news is that all of it will be local so it shouldn't be too hard to stock. And you know you are supporting your neighbors. Plus, there can never be too many places to get CloverLeaf Ice Cream. It is the best.

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